Annointer is a real, “Spiritual Master” and “Effective Guide” to shift your life.

Honestly, you are SUPER lucky that you found her!!!

She provides the best psychic readings in the world and extremely deep and profound teachings that you can’t find anywhere.

You can read tons of thousands of books but still, you can’t upgrade your life as she does through her magic, so fast!

I felt that she is so powerful as she works vibrationally.

She has a high stable vibration based on her intuition and that’s why she is able to support you to “GET IT” not only with your mind but also with your body, with your whole being.

It’s so easy to “UNDERSTAND." It's a kind of vibrational transmission of the teachings!

Simply, a magic.

(I wonder what kind of life the person needs to have to reach that level of vibration…)

She has an unlimited point of view, non-dual and sees beyond the duality of good and evil.

It is so unique and so accurate.

She supported me to change my life radically.

She affirmed me, empowered me and encouraged me to be who I exactly am. I felt safe taking a huge leap of faith and leaving my old life because she believed in me, encouraging my highest vibrational outcome.

I guarantee that it's such an opportunity loss not to have a session with her.

She has extremely high vibration, clear and specific sight.

That’s why…

She is real.
She is powerful.
She is trustworthy.

I thank myself that I decided to have a session with her and trusted her to be my guide:)

If you spend a few moments with her, you can feel it.

All I want to say is

“Enjoy the journey with her! It’s so SAFE and so UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING :)”

- Sonya Z., Tokyo, Japan


Um, it was a feeling like, "Wow." Uh, what happened? What happened? Because before the session, there were things that could happen with the way I am. Things I couldn't explain to you. Like my way of, of acc...acting and reacting or behaving.

And, I never wanted to know more about why I was reacting like that or why I was like that. I always wondered a lot of things but never about the reasons why, ah-there like that, right? Oh, yeah, because I was acting like that and reacting like that.

And so it was like a "Wow." But a, "Ahh" yeah maybe I understand why...because what Seulki could tell me she could see from, from the past and from, from the way I was like in the background. Or as she said my spiritual mission, because it brought me very close to the...it brought me very close umm, to the, to the why I was like that.

And it was like it gave me an answer to a question that I had never asked but it...it explains things and like what, "Ah! Yes, she understood what I hadn't understood myself because I'm like this."

And it was, "Ah, it's because of that and because of things in the past," and, and, and Seulki could see *awesome* things that...she said things that actually happened and that resonated, that resonated. And, and it was like a surprise but like a surprise that wasn't a surprise because Seulki has something that she can feel, that she can feel all this she can see it.

I don't know how she does it, but (laughs) and after the session...uh, I felt like relaxed that maybe somebody understood and somebody could make me understand my way of being. And it was like the "haaah" of...of liberation. Of something that I didn't even know was here.

- Manu H., Mérida, México