personalized retreat

If you are really looking for a deep experience, with plenty of 1:1 attention from The Annointer, a 3-7 day personalized in-person retreat may be for you.

Depending on your intention, your personalized retreat may include 1:1 workshop exercises, psychic readings, psychic training, and Shadow work guided by The Annointer’s intuition.

This will definitely be a “peak experience,” that will require integration afterwards. So students of The Annointer who are already working with her 1:1 and seek to continue working with her after the retreat would be good candidates to take advantage of the benefits of this experience.

Some teachings are best imparted in-person. If you would like to experience this for yourself, then let The Annointer know what you seek. And if it resonates with The Annointer’s intuition, she can design a retreat just for you that can create a shift, opening, or lead you through a death-and-rebirth process that is already happening so that you can have the kindest, and most aware experience of your own life.

Supplemental and complementary work with a bodyworker is also a possibility. This retreat will most likely take place in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico. But can be arranged to take place elsewhere.

Contact: with your intention.