Boundaries Course

The Annointer would like to film a 12-hour boundaries course with a group of students who are gung ho about being masters of their own boundaries.

This is a very in-depth course that will take place over a couple of months via Zoom. There will also be homework for the students to do on their own time.

Boundaries are the foundation of having a good relationship with your intuition and psychic abilities. They also are the foundation of self-respect and being on your spiritual mission.

This course will cover:

  • the “Classic” Wheel of Consent®
  • The Annointer’s version of the Wheel of Consent® which includes the Inner and Outer Wheel, the Inner Mother, Father, and Child, Power in the Hierarchy, Ego, Shadow, Entities, Empaths, Vampires, Zombies, and Parasites
  • live exercises that help you feel and learn your b
  • supervised homework during which The Annointer will watch you unravel confusing boundaries situations, and help you clarify as needed
  • supervised exercises during which your own Shadow will come to the surface to be seen and integrated

If you really want to have clarity in your life, if you truly want to trust yourself, and have the diligence and integrity to follow-through. Also, if you feel comfortable being on-camera, and would like to participate in this very unique opportunity (The Annointer does not seek to teach this course again), then write: with a statement about why you're interested in this course.