Boundaries clinic

Would you like clarity on a confusing situation that either really, really bothers you or seems to reoccur all the time?

A boundaries clinic session often brings an intense clarity to “what” is going on, who is doing what (whose “fault” is it?), and also shows you what you can do in real life to take back your power.

These sessions are intensely penetrating and unspell the mind. A boundaries clinic serves as both a spiritual and logical framework for seeing yourself, your Shadow patterns, and your healing journey in a much clearer and higher vibrational light.

The Annointer is offering 35min boundaries clinics by a specified donation. These are all filmed at the moment, so agreeing to a boundaries clinic is agreeing to have your audio recorded. Your face will not be on video, but your audio will.

If you are interested in receiving this personalized teaching, please email: with the situation you’d like to clarify.