Voicemail reading

Are you curious what The Annointer would say if you asked her about your spiritual mission or hero's journey?

Ask The Annointer, “What am I not seeing that’s keeping me from my spiritual mission?

And she will send you a voicemail with her response.

This is a good opportunity to "try out" and see if you resonate with her work. If so, you are invited to a full 30min reading on the same subject, in which she goes into much more depth on “what to do” about your situation. Most people feel "shifted" and "high" during and after the full session.

This voicemail reading is meant to be an introduction and is not a full reading in and of itself. For more information, please click here: https://youtu.be/MK5bmyMavOU

If you would like to book this reading, please record your question on a voice memo, with *strong intention*. The more you really want to know the answer, and the more open you are to the response, the better The Annointer can see.

The cost of this reading is $50USD. The reading will be sent to you within 72hrs of receipt of payment.

If you'd like a voicemail reading, email: clarity@theannointer.com