A dual session with both The Annointer and her colleague Ameyalli.

These two spaceholders have an incredible amount of experience with different forms of Shadow work, and create a very safe container for something to “come up” and then be integrated.

A session starts with The Annointer giving a 10–15min psychic Shadow reading. Inevitably, something previously unseen "comes up" to the surface. Sometimes it is a physical sensation that can feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it is an “old feeling” that you now either want to have control over or eject from your body.

Ameyalli is immediately there to sing specific icaros targeted towards the frequency and your intention, and help you integrate what came up in the reading. This session “sees” then digests.

The work is fast and effective. Extremely potent, and safe. Be your true self.

For more information, click here: https://youtu.be/8mkAtOB2IRU

To schedule a session, please state your interest and intention: clarity@theannointer.com



"My session with Ameyalli and The Annointer felt like I was receiving full spectrum support, each providing very complementary services. The Annointer began with a quick reading which gave me a clue to the situation, but also clued in Ameyalli so he could hone in and dole out very pinpointed medicine. Her really high accuracy makes it easy to trust her and the whole process. She can tap into the thing that you’ve been blindsided by the whole time, or confirm what you thought it was all along, and that really gives you peace of mind. The Annointer’s reading actually brings the 'thing' to the surface and allows for Ameyalli ’s cleaning to get deep in there and have a more thorough clearing. Bringing it to the surface actually allows for work to be done on it, and I was surprised to find out that my symptoms were actually due to a longer standing issue. During Ameyalli ’s singing I felt so much energy running through my body at first, but that eventually changed to a very calm and relaxed state – I was in a deep relaxation by the time he was finished singing. The next day I had quite the catharsis, and it set the stage for me to continue shedding any remaining unwanted energies. I recommend a session like this if you’ve been working diligently towards releasing unwanted energies and feel stuck or like you’re at an impasse – this type of session will tip you over the edge and help you free up anything remaining with high accuracy about the situation from The Annointer, and powerful clearing and protection from Ameyalli."

- Stefan T., New York, NY