30min Psychic Shadow Reading

If you feel stuck, off-track, and know that a SHIFT needs to happen, and you’re not sure what or how, then this may be a very good time in your cycle for a reading from The Annointer.

Shadow work is much easier when you are already going through a death-and-rebirth. The Annointer’s observations may come as a welcome relief to a “rock bottom” feeling to old patterns. Her clarity and ability to see who you really are – her ability to reflect your Shadow back to you, can result in an incredible amount of self-knowledge and inner peace.

Many people feel “unspelled” after this reading. As if they were under some kind of magic spell that kept them from thinking clearly nor seeing themselves in the way that seems so obvious and easy after the session.

You have a mythology of you. A story of your true frequency that came to Earth and got embodied. And then things started to happen from there, didn’t they?

People form a false self in childhood, and live that false self into adulthood – resulting in discomfort in their lives and a feeling of being disempowered. This false self can also cause chronic disease and physical disorders.

The Annointer starts the session by seeing what you do not see that is keeping you from your spiritual mission. She sees how and when your false self was formed – and importantly, what you have been gaining from your false self. As liberation means letting go of both – whatever you gained AND what you paid in cost by being your false self.

The session is like being told the mythological story of you. There is an undeniably transformative effect. People feel very *high* after this experience. People feel extremely CLEAR. They know who they are, why they are here, and what they need to do in real life in order to re-orient themselves to serving their spiritual purpose. To share their gift with the world.

Many people feel excited and energized to take actions that seemed literally impossible or extremely difficult before. For months after the session, people feel the effect – making real life changes that give them more energy, help them feel much happier, with more self-trust.

You will most likely feel the frequency of your true self during this reading. It is like meeting your long-lost Cosmic Twin. There is an incredible amount of peace in feeling this feeling. And The Annointer is there to feel your energy with you, to witness you, and hold space for this moment of enlightenment.

Email: clarity@theannointer.com to schedule this experience for yourself.

Please note, the whole session is 45min, with actual “reading” time being 30min. The Annointer also asks that you arrive 10min before your session for on-boarding and meditation. All sessions are via Zoom, and will be recorded. You will be sent the audio afterwards.