1hr Annointer Session

Would you like to work on yourself with the guidance of a master spaceholder and Shadow teacher?

The Annointer has an uncanny ability to see your true self and vibrate that to the surface. From this place of peace and safety, it is much easier to observe the ego and the previously unconscious patterns that were really holding you back.

It is possible to discover truly hidden truths about the energy dynamics within your inner child/mother/father, the undigested family dynamics still leftover from childhood that may be unconsciously swaying your love life and entities that are draining your life force energy or imprisoning you in an invisible energy prison. Pretty much changing your reality to suit them, rather than your true self and your spiritual mission.

Many people learn to trust their intuitions and start to make big life decisions from “purely” intuition after working with The Annointer.

They also learn how to properly mother and father themselves, with The Annointer’s real, personal boundaries with the student and attunement to the student modeling good mothering and fathering behavior.

Many have never felt as safe as they do in their student-teacher relationship with The Annointer, which is a sacred bond for which The Annointer takes ultimate responsibility.

This is a healing relationship as much as it is a training in how to be an honorable person. And how to lead yourself in your own healing and Shadow journey.

To schedule a session, please state your intention in working with The Annointer.