The Annointer has given many psychic readings and has seen many people's Shadows. An archetypal experience is that a person who appears human actually has a "true self" that is a god in disguise. There are many, many different kinds of people with this level of energy.

They can be a light bomb which is meant to go off at a particular point in human development in order to destroy this reality and birth a new, higher vibrational one. They can be a wanderer who simply wants to collect experiences - truly, not accomplish anything, nor really make human connections...only as much as novelty allows.

They can also be evil, and have an alignment with shame or hatred, and are pretending to be "good people." These people are also very powerful, and still think they are "human," but are aware somewhere deep inside that something else is going on.

Often, being confused about who you are can mean that you have bad boundaries. If you sense that you are a light bomb, but do not KNOW for certain that you are a light bomb, then you will treat yourself according to what your ego thinks of ITSELF as, and that is certainly not a light bomb. That is Cheryl Smothers from Allentown, PA who works as a clerk in the county office and has a husband for 23 years, two kids, and a hobby of knitting.

So the boundaries of Cheryl Smothers are NOT the boundaries of her light bomb self. And who she "truly" is, of course, is the light bomb.

Finding yourself all over again is part of the human story, as The Annointer sees it. Putting your power somewhere where you won't find it, living a "regular" life like a "normal" person, but sensing that there is SO MUCH MORE inside.

Finding your power where you hid it from yourself usually means going towards the greatest fear that your ego developed in this lifetime. There is resonance with Joseph Campbell's cave of fear when it comes to the hero's journey. But in The Annointer's point of view, it has more to do with a puzzle.

What kind of puzzle do you want to solve? One with all the pieces in place save one? So it is EASY to solve?

Or do you want a puzzle with nearly an infinite number of pieces, completely disordered and scattered? Something that would really challenge a puzzle master?

What if – if you didn't have this puzzle to solve, there would be "nothingness?" Like, if you were in solitary confinement? Which puzzle would you like to solve?

The best puzzles are the most intricate and challenging and disorganized. THIS is why you hid your power in the very place where your ego would never want to look. And finding your power, embodying it, and being your true self again is basically the hero's journey of everyone.

It is from this point of view that The Annointer views spirituality, the healing journey, vibrations, ego and Shadow, etc.

Everyone is a story that they are telling themselves. Everyone is extraordinarily powerful, but they are pretending that they are not.