You Have to Be Able to Keep Secrets

Keeping secrets is one way to measure integrity. People with extremely poor boundaries often have a hard time keeping secrets.

At best, they tell “only” their best friend or partner. Worst - they actively divulge the secret and derive glee from revealing the truth. This is a form of psychic attack based on undigested shame.

What’s really, really important isn’t just keeping other people’s secrets, but keeping your own. If you have a new idea, a big victory, or a big defeat, or a really, really big plan that might change the future trajectory of your life, it’s oftentimes important to tell this news to no one.

The entities in others hear and know everything that the person they inhabit do. So while your friend or acquaintance might *think* that they’re joyful for you and your good news, in their Shadow their entities might be seething at your success. And therefore attack you.

The compulsion to divulge one’s secrets, big news, experiences, etc. often comes from a need or want to be witnessed. To be witnessed is one of the most beautiful human experiences we could ever have. Truly, it is up there with a high trust relationship. And often these two human experiences go hand-in-hand.

At the same time, “needing” witnessing points to a deep, deep-seated fear that one does not exist. Or that one does not matter.

The thing is, once you’ve faced the fact that you do NOT exist, it is so much easier to weather life’s experiences without needing to “tell your friend” everything.

It is your ego that truly does not exist. And it seeks justification of its existence through these compulsive acts.

You witnessing yourself is enough. And this, to me, is the sign of an extremely mature and developed masculine. The masculine of the gods. God knows what you did. What happened. What your experience was.

God is holding your hand. No longer do you need the mirroring and empathy of other “flawed” human beings.

The ones who *love* to listen or listen best are usually empaths who are addicted to giving their power away and peddling their attention in a kind of social prostitution.

They listen to you first. Then they want to talk and talk like the narcissist that they are in their Shadows. Or they want to cash in on your favor later. Or, very bad, they seek people really addicted to their minds to talk mindlessly and aimlessly, in order to fill their own head with other people’s “thoughts.”

That might be the most disgusting and debasing behavior of all. Both parties involved in this exchange are evil.

Thoughts should be avoided most of the time. The thoughts of others are true garbage.

Anyone who has spent time at a silent meditation retreat knows how unproductive the mind can be. And it is this mind that has difficulty keeping secrets.

Secrets usually are as safe as a person values themselves. So if you have low self-value, you won’t keep anyone’s secret, including your own.