What Are Boundaries

What Are Boundaries

The idea of boundaries is inherently illusory, since the self is inherently a fiction

Life itself, reality is an illusion. So boundaries are an illusion within that context.

However, without boundaries, life would have no meaning. There would be no "thing" to interact with, have conflict with, nor think about nor experience. We need "things" in this illusion.

And you are one of those "things." I would say that you are a frequency, in fact. A frequency anchored on Earth through yourself. Your body, your choices, your voice (literal and figurative), and your whole life story helps to define and give life to a frequency.

I'd say that this frequency is your life mission. Your spiritual mission. And if you are doing anything other than being this frequency (for example, you are embodying, instead, a different frequency), then you are off-track or off-mission. And you probably show the disease, stress, wear and tear on the physical body, and the general discontent and low vibration that results from being anything other than yourself.

So in this context, let's talk about boundaries.

In this illusory reality in which you too are an illusion, then your job is to be a frequency. Anything adding to or enhancing this frequency is most likely within your boundaries.

Anything taking away from, destroying, or canceling out this frequency is most likely not within your boundaries.

Another way to see it is that you as a person have a highest vibrational outcome. Your boundaries reflect this highest vibrational outcome. Anything less than that is outside of your boundaries.

So what does this mean? Your boundaries, like you, have a complex and layered existence.

Your skin is a very obvious boundary. Piercing your skin would be piercing your boundaries and introducing the agents of death and decay (evil). Your aura is yet another boundary. Someone can not pierce your skin, but pierce your aura, and you are still being introduced to agents of death and decay. Having to sit on a long bus ride next to a drunk, out of control, schizophrenic person would probably not be within your boundaries. But they don't have to do anything with your physical skin to "pierce" you.

Your online password, your online presence, your family members, any professional football team that you cheer for and align your ego with, your spiritual identity or framework that you've adopted to make sense of this world, something that helps you "feel like you."

These are all a part of your boundaries. That's why when someone attacks your brother - your biological brother - you get as upset as if they had attacked you. Your brother has something to do with your sense of you.

Boundaries have something to do with your physical life. That's the skin-piercing thing. And also to do with your ego - your sense of yourself, no matter how false and illusory.

And if you're highly integrated, your "frequency" - what I deem your spiritual mission, and your ego will be in alignment. In which case, your boundaries have something to do with guarding and defending this frequency. So that it is provided for all other human beings on Earth to enjoy and have access to.

If you are severely unhealed and unintegrated, your ego may even take an oppositional stance to your frequency. It may be afraid of the frequency or hang its hat on various cultural and social institutions that are against this home frequency which is who you actually are. In this case, you are probably outside of your boundaries 100% of the time, as defined by me. But you will feel like you are within your boundaries, as defined by your ego. The thing is, you are most likely confusing boundaries for comfort. Specifically, ego comfort. Which, in excess, can kill you.

Ego comfort can be checking out by smoking pot every night. Ego comfort can mean staying in a relationship or job long past their expiration dates. Ego comfort can mean eating too much food, the wrong foods, watching low vibrational content on social media, and an addiction to not staying in the present moment.

Boundaries require a level of self-attunement that is only possible when one has had some level of healing. If you are very unhealed, most likely you would have NO IDEA what your boundaries are.

In other words, boundaries serve your frequency, highest vibrational outcome, and spiritual mission. Boundaries therefore also serve your intuition and inner child.

These are concepts I can get into some other time.

But if you are unhealed, you will not be in your boundaries - your true boundaries of your true self. But you will just masturbate ego comfort to an early death.

Being outside of your boundaries brings death and destruction. And those who live outside of their boundaries usually develop disease, sometimes incredibly fatal and dramatic ones.

So, to stay within your boundaries, you have to know who you are. And after you figure this out, it's important to respect your OWN boundaries. As a practice, for your whole life.

And in doing so, I can guarantee that you will have a long, healthy life. That you will fulfill your spiritual mission. That you will have a generally high stable vibration. You will be able to weather life's difficulties with the patience of a master. And you will feel good about yourself in a way that surpasses ego gratification. You will feel the satisfaction of a samurai, devoted to his craft.