The Universe Is a Croissant

I believe it's quite possible that this universe exists just to describe the idea of a croissant.

I believe that the all-creative consciousness that created this universe and all the universes is just expressing ideas. And one idea is that of the croissant.

To describe a croissant, we would need, for example, the supporting ideas of butter and wheat.

For butter alone, we would need cows, the idea of domesticated animals, and therefore all animals - wild AND domesticated. All dinosaurs who have ever lived and died - hundreds of millions of years of history may exist just to support the idea of the domesticated cow.

Similarly, wheat. Wheat is a domesticated grass. Domesticated by what seems like the Sumerian civilization.

Therefore, human civilization, and all that entails must exist alongside "plants." All plants. And a species (us) that eats plants AND has a capability to domesticate them.

Croissants are heavily associated now with France, though they may have originated in Vienna (in a slightly different form). In any case, if we need "France" to support the croissant, then we need countries.

Countries exist in part due to wars and exploitation. In addition to politics and geography. There is SO MUCH that goes into the idea of countries, let alone France the country. Imagine all wars that defended or expanded France's borders have supported the croissant. Every single person who was on "this side" or "that side" of those wars also supports the idea of the croissant.
If you switched out even one of those people - if one of those people somehow didn't even exist, then that would not be France. The France as we know it would be irrevocably changed. And therefore, so would the croissant.

In this way, I can see how everything as we know it - from planets, "time," the sun and therefore seasons of planting and harvesting. The very substance of what we take for granted as everyday life, may in fact not exist for "us," but we may exist, alongside all of these other expressive ideas in order to help the universe describe to itself the creative idea of the croissant.

Good on you, universe. That was a good idea! I love croissants.