Out of Control

I often can tell the energy of someone just from their communication to me. If it’s simply one email, that is enough. But if we have a “full” interaction - a few back-and-forths, then I can really tell what this person’s patterns are like.

And actually have a good idea of their Shadow before even having a session or psychic reading.

At least know the flavor.

And if the person presents as very different or I can tell their “mask” is even the opposite, it’s quite clear what we have to work on, whether the student realizes it or not.

For example, I may notice a lot of “out of control,” and in addition, Shadow parasitism. But this person may “present” as quite in-control and genteel. The greater the difference between the mask and Shadow, the more work there will be to integrate.

One of the reasons I can “tell” someone’s energy is that it needs to be different than my own. So if I myself am already “out of control,” I may not feel my new student’s energy. In fact, being centered and healthy is an important part of giving clean psychic readings, and also being grounded for my students.

By being in my boundaries, and truly making that a practice, I can tell energetically when someone is outside of their boundaries.

It’s very much like a very clean and neat person going to a messy person’s house. They might be completely surprised at this person’s life choices, but to the messy person, whatever their house looks like is “normal.” In addition, even if they clean their house to their highest cleanliness standards, the “clean and neat” person may STILL express astonishment and have no idea how this person truly lives on a day-to-day level.

I’m not necessarily *that* clean and neat. For the most part, yes. But my energy is very, very clean.

And maintaining that is just a part of my being. A side effect of my personal practice is clarity when it comes to others. And I’d like to say - no matter who or what you think you are, your “true self” comes through. So better to integrate and own that. Rather than pretending you’re something that you’re not.