Of the three forms of red flags I’ve learned that people demonstrate when their entities act out and are dangerous to me, hostility is the most violent.

This is when the person truly turns evil and would rather harm than have harmony. Like, the point of their life is now to cause death and destruction.

Another way to see it is that they are *so* confused and out of control, you can say, that their entities have gotten the best of them. And now they are pretty much a walking, talking entity. And no longer human.

People who demonstrate hostility no longer try to protect you from their entities. In fact, their relationship with you is a way for their entities to feed off of you.

Perhaps they hide their hostility and it comes out in spurts. One “spurt” is enough information to know what’s there. And it’s time to get out.

Perhaps they are even hostile all the time, in which case I identify *you* as the addict. An addict to a low vibration, which you give to yourself in the form of this person / entity host.

Hostility is easy enough to spot, but if you’re not used to it, you might think it’s normal. So “spotting” hostility is a crucial skill if you love yourself.

Hostility can be: blaming others, anger directed at you when unwarranted, jealousy, blowing up an appointment or promise in a spectacular way, doing or saying something that causes a surprising amount of tears, breaking trust, not keeping your secret and/or using it against you, expecting money, causing discord, etc.

|The list goes on, but I want you to focus on the look in the eyes. There is malice. Like, a wish to do harm.

If you’re paying attention, you will notice that your body feels fear.

The other red flags I see: confusion and out of control, usually stem from the person wanting to play the victim and are attempting to hide from you and themselves their own entity activity.

Hostility blows past that and has become full predation mode. The host can no longer hide their entity activity.

So, I’d say if you see this even once, get out. If you see this all the time, it’s extraordinarily important to look at yourself and see what you get from the situation. It has to be something. This is your “opening.”

And it’s obviously important to take responsibility for yourself and your actions - meaning, choosing to interact with hostile people - why? What do you receive by putting yourself in harm’s way AND playing with entities?

Since this is not self-love, then it is something else that is very important to identify. And most likely, you’re gaining something social. As you’re not gaining anything internal.