Entities "What"

Entities as I see them are parasitical and vampiric energies that live in human bodies. They are made up of and feed off of the energy that the humans give off - whether it be Shame, Guilt, Fear, Anger or Sadness.

Someone with chronic depression, for example, probably as a Sadness entity, with a Shame entity "helping."

Many times entities come in pairs. And on top of that, the entities in your system team up with the entities in others, and together the entities in both people create a chaotic dynamic between the two people.

The so-called "Empaths" of the world - a term I dispute - usually have the ego disposition of "wanting" to serve their energy to their own entities and the entities of others. You get socially rewarded for offering your body as food source to those who are less healed than you or have a lower vibration than you.

The so-called "Narcissists" or "Energy Vampires" usually have the ego disposition of freely taking the energy of others, without showing much concern or empathy about the "plight" of the other.

In this position, the narcissist gets their entities fed by someone else.

Usually "empaths" - I prefer the term "energy slave"  and narcissists team up and go through life together. The enabler and the addict. Also, the shadow addict (energy slave) and shadow enabler (narcissist). Whatever your ego identifies as, your shadow is usually the opposite.

And if you have either a narcissist or energy slave in your life, that person is showing you your own shadow energy.

So entities live in our shadows - where our egos refuse to go. They therefore live in the people in our lives that we choose to associate with. These people are "showing us our shadows."

And both the energy slave and narcissist play with the same entities. The energy slave may play with fear and guilt, for example, and therefore the narcissist in their lives does the same. The difference is that the energy slave identifies with their fear and guilt, whereas the narcissist pushes those feelings into their shadow.

Both are feeding those entities in their own bodies. And in addition, the energy slave "supplements" the narcissist with their energy as well. So the slave is enslaved to their OWN entities, AND the entities of others.

That is why the energy slave usually has a higher vibration than the narcissist. However, over time the energy slave usually "turns" and becomes entitized, as frequently the narcissist already is.

Entities become stronger over time - like mold left alone in a house - over the decades it just takes over the house until there is no more house.

Sometimes, there is no more human.