The Annointer was gifted with the ability to see Shadow since childhood. She could see entities and when people were lying, especially to themselves.

Over time, combined with her development of the of the Wheel of Consent®, she started to teach Shadow as she sees it. In a clean, logical process that touches on the very fabric of reality. From the “necessity” of time, dichotomies such as masculine/feminine, light/dark, and ultimately the meaning of life.

This knowledge was gained from direct experience and observations, aided by the power of her psychic faculties which clearly discern truth from fiction - or, how the ego likes to pretend.

The Annointer transmits a clean process, devoid of pre-existing concepts or book material.

A student must only have the willingness to surrender to the death and rebirth process, and commit to relying on their intuition over time. And no longer be addicted to the mind.

What is The Annointer’s concept of Shadow?

Well, if we are both conscious and unconscious, then what we are conscious of you can think of as mind or ego.

What we are unconscious of, but aware of somewhere deep inside, you can consider intuition or Shadow.

Often these two categories conflict. The ego does not “like” Shadow and demonizes it as evil or something to be fearful of. This very egotistical concept has already infiltrated this work in society. Like a psychic mold, the false idea of “Shadow Self” or the Shadow being a distasteful part of oneself that must be looked at and explored anyway has become a common misunderstanding.

To The Annointer, the Shadow is all-knowing. The Shadow is the enlightened aspect. The Shadow knows the origins of the universe and is in touch with all the other universes and remembers the aspect of its consciousness that is the all-creative consciousness responsible for all realities.

The Shadow is “IT” and the ego is pretend.

So what is Shadow work in this regard?

It can look like a form of deep healing. Ultimate healing, you can say, in which the falsehood of the ego is looked at straight-on, and the ego is allowed to perish and be replaced with an identity that serves functionality in this world or reality. But ultimately is lightly worn, and is not acting as a parasite on the Shadow.

The Shadow and ego are, at the point of integration, extremely similar. There are few secrets. There is no shame. There is an understanding of the fabric of this universe and one’s part to play.

In many ways, the necessity for Shadow work was a game SET-UP by the Shadow. In this way you can consider Shadow as holding evil. A usually thankless role taken on by any caregiver and spaceholder. Shadow knows more about you than you.

The parent knows more about the child than the child. Whatever secrets the child thinks it has, the parents know and are not surprised.

Shadow ultimately serves this function for the ego, who, in this reality is formed as a result of trauma and usually first and foremost shame.

So the ego being a reaction to trauma and shame, is necessarily stuck on a low kind of vibration, and wants to hide “the truth” from itself and everyone else.

This “truth” or secret is what the Shadow holds FOR the ego. Like a parent holding a child’s “sharks’ teeth” as they go running off, looking for more along the beach. Those are not sharks’ teeth, by the way, but the parent plays along to keep the child’s innocence and “fun.”

This is what Shadow does. Holds space for the ego to do its lower consciousness, often stupid little things. It is, frankly, boring to someone who knows better.

The human is set up to enjoy drama and conflict. To see itself in the center of its own hero’s journey. Where they are the good guy. The bad guys are on the outside.

In Shadow work, it’s necessary to see that one’s ego is actually the “bad guy.” And the “good guy” has been suppressed and locked away in the Shadow, taking on the burden of “playing evil.”

Agreeing to the lie.

In Shadow work, the “true self” that has been demonized and feared is really the liberated one. Oftentimes serving as a kind of wise inner child. This aspect of oneself is brought up to the surface, and in doing so, reveals the lies that the ego has been telling itself. The low vibrational prison it has been preferring to lock the human into gets busted WIDE OPEN.

There are choices like you’ve never thought before. The very fabric of your reality becomes clear to you. How you have been participating in CREATING the so-called “evil” out there, is revealed.

Your true power is shown to you. Runs through your system. And in doing so, it is stupidity to hang onto the trauma and shame that caused the ego to form in the first place.

Most healers and healing work is not clear, at all, on what healing looks like or what the end game is. Again, the idea of healing itself has been infiltrated by the ego and many think that the work “never ends.” That there is always more to heal.

Is there?

Shadow work is the convergence of healing and enlightenment. If you are in your enlightened state, is there truly “always more to heal?” Or are you there already?

The Annointer advocates being brave and finding your true self, your home frequency within yourself. It is your spiritual mission as long as you are in this body, playing in this reality.

Finding your true self can be your life-long mission, and therefore you can throw up stupid obstacles to get in your own path, prolonging the journey.

Or, you can choose to be there already. Uncover and embody your true self. Bring her to life in this reality, in your body. And share this frequency with others, thus changing the game.

Now, the point of your life does not need to be “to heal forever,” but to remain true to your enlightened state, sharing yourself as a gift, and enjoying the reality that you create as a result.

The Annointer feels that true Shadow work is merely a choice. A choice to live out the rest of this lifetime at the highest vibration possible to you, rather than playing around in the dirt and mud, pretending to be broken, blaming others for “trauma,” and choosing to artificially hold oneself back.