the STUDENT-TEACHER relationship

The student-teacher relationship is highly boundaried and sacred, in which the teacher is ultimately responsible.

The teacher’s real, living boundaries with the student serve as a model and transmission of healthy self-awareness and self-love. The teacher plays a type of new mother and father to the student, who, in this new bond of trust and intimacy rapidly heals what trauma did occur with the biological parents.

The change is instantaneous and rapid. The transmission is pure. Due to the boundaried nature of the relationship, it is often much easier to develop trust and intimacy. The teacher’s honor is a learning tool. And oftentimes students have never trusted anyone in their lives as much as they trust their teacher.

This sacred and real relationship in and of itself helps students achieve self-mastery, let alone a rewiring of the system in which intuition takes center stage. The inner child is attuned to and trusted. She is protected and the inner mother and father act in accordance to the best interest of the inner child.

There is discipline and self-control, whereas before there was chaos and out-of-control, blaming others, blaming entities and childhood should trauma. The student learns to take ultimate responsibility for their reality. And therefore starts to trust themselves and behaves like an honorable person.

Their Divine Masculine and Feminine are healed. They are living as their true selves, and happiness in everyday life comes easily.

Inner peace and self-trust is basically the gold of this reality. There is no higher achievement nor more valuable state.

And the work done within the student-teacher relationship rapidfire accelerates the student’s process in achieving inner peace.

This relationship takes a high level of mutual commitment, diligence on the student’s part, impeccability on the teacher’s part, and respect for both the work and the teacher from the student.