The Annointer is an enlightened, white light feminine energy that recently came to Earth and entered a human body. She is grateful to Seulki, the previous owner and ego identity of this body.

The Annointer does not have a mission, but rather, a personal pleasure. And that is to be and to spread the Truth frequency.

She is truth. She is light. She is clarity.


Seulki recently left Earth. She was a master psychic and Shadow teacher. And specialized in psychic warfare.

She developed theories about and taught encyclopedically on the subjects of boundaries, intuition, entities, and psychic attack.

Along the path of her personal healing journey, Seulki trained and became certified in myriad healing modalities. Including different forms of bodywork, energy work, breathwork, shamanic channeling, and indigenous shamanic practices. She was an ordained shamanic minister.

Seulki was also initiated into several magic and mystery schools. Ultimately, her background was in Buddhism, Shamanism, Tantra, Esoterics, the Occult, and the Wheel of Consent®.

Seulki invented the following healing modalities: the ROSEULKI method of psychic bodywork, Channeled Ritual Play, psychic shamanic healing circle, and intuitive “processing.”

Seulki saw in her psychic readings Shadow dynamics that she started to teach, including concepts like the Narcissistic Inner Mother, the Entitized Inner Child, Psychic Vampires posing as family members, and the whole concept of entities taking advantage of humans who are outside of consent.

Her development of the Wheel of Consent® may have the most far-reaching impact on modern society in time to come.

Her mission was to help people train their psychic abilities like a martial art, and feel and defend their boundaries with their lives.